Own your own piece of Port Townsend history. Over 30 years in the same location, generations fed and employed, area icon. There is no better way meet the amazing cast of characters that make up the Port Townsend area.

Seasonal business, great cash flow, best location in Port Townsend, Festival and Event Central. Serious inquiries only please.

The re-emergence of Dogs-A-Foot, a uniquely Port Townsend tradition for over 30 years, is the harbinger of spring. Spring has officially begun when Dogs-A-Foot dusts off the picnic tables and fires up the grill for another season of delectable hot dogs on Port Townsend’s beautiful waterfront. Whether your go-to is a Spicy Kraut, a Veggie Dog with “Everything”, a classic Footlong, or the famous Chicago Dog, Dogs-A-Foot has something to please the palate of residents and visitors alike!

Here at Dogs-A-Foot, we take out lead from the New York tradition of grilled hot dogs and sausages; served on a toasted bun, with good quality mustard, relish, onion, kraut, chili con carne, and an array of of other toppings, sure to please any hot dog lover.

Try any one of our 14 varieties of hot dogs or sausages, served with the best of traditional toppings, as well as a few not-so-traditional toppings, including; Our special Spicy Onion and Pepper Saute, the Seattle favorite, cream cheese, and occasionally even fresh guacamole.